The Cities of Elko County

Located halfway between Salt Lake City and Reno on I-80, Elko County is perfectly poised to serve the Pacific coast and inter-mountain west. Some of our distinct advantages include:

  • One-day truck service to all of California and Oregon, as well as Salt Lake City, Boise and parts of Arizona
  • Local government owned prime business and industrial park sites
  • Pro-business right-to-work laws and a favorable tax structure, including no inventory taxes, inheritance taxes, income taxes or unitary taxes
  • Affordable land and utilities
  • Over 220 days of sunshine a year
  • Manufacturing and warehousing opportunities with theĀ County owned Northeastern Nevada RegionalĀ Railport and Industrial Park, served by Union Pacific and BNSF
  • Northeastern Nevada is the 4th largest gold producer in the world behind Australia, South Africa and China

It’s thanks to and through the positive economic impact that gold mining has had on northeastern Nevada, which has allowed Elko and the surrounding areas to grow, prosper, afford and support the beautiful public facilites we now all have and enjoy. Such as our schools, parks, museum, airport, convention center, chamber of commerce facilities, senior citizen centers, hospital, baseball fields and reservoirs.

To learn more about doing business in Elko County, contact our team.

Video Tour of Elko County

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